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The Mom & Daughters Kitchen

Interior Kitchen Setup

The Mom and Daughters Kitchen is one of the pioneer brands in providing all facets of services related to Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes & Interior Decoration works. The brand is quite environmentally conscious and always emphasizes to manufacture of eco-friendly products and services.


Intending to excel in the modular kitchen designing industry, Mom & Daughter’s Company wanted to step in this sector with a unique visual identity that would be in congruence with the company. The brand identity needed to be cohesive with the company in all manner without disrupting its recognizability.


The Mom & Daughters Kitchen

Since the new identity’s essence had to revolve around the parent company’s vision and values, we prepared an extensive questionnaire for understanding the core vision and principles of the company. After understanding each attribute, we inferred that the company supports the power of oneness in a family. We took this upshot as the initial step for shaping the brand’s identity.


Logo Idealization
Branding of Interior Kitchen Company

After establishing the company’s vision in the identity, we had to tweak the identity minimally to translate the brand’s services. Therefore, we included a chef’s cap in the central element to denote the presence of kitchen in a soft manner. The blue hut also communicated all the services related to interior designing and decoration.

The Mom & Daughters Kitchen Color Palette
Brand Stationary

The brand’s mission was communicated very well in the new industry because of a well-crafted identity. Due to this, the brand received a lot of appreciations and many clients and collaborations in the early stages because the identity was able to build connections on the basis of the novelty and purity of the vision and principles of the brand.

Brand Perception

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