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Clothing Brand Model

With a core mission of improving the dire condition of the widows in India, Omania, an Indian clothing brand of an NGO, manufactures high-quality clothes for women. The NGO provides employment opportunities for women.


Omania needed a strong brand substratum to fortify their kernel value of “Humility & Equality”. The mission needed to reflect on all identity elements for achieving a concrete consistency and a positive brand perception.


Omania Logo

The most befitting approach of deciphering the problem was to conceptualize the brand identity using minimalism. Since the mission of “Humility & Equality” stems from ‘Simplicity’, we used simplistic clutter-free design for brand identity.


Omania Branding
Omania Logo IdeationLogo Color palette

The formulation exercise of the identity elements was followed by designing marketing collateral, packaging and branded stationary. One prominent illustration of a woman was blended to showcase the omnipresence of women in every field and industry around the globe. The circular shape was utilized to represent the globe.

Brand Stationary

The brand’s entry in the clothing industry with a noble cause was welcomed with a massive response and applause from the customers and stakeholders. The fresh and breezy brand identity managed to attract many collaborations and customers for Omania.

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