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Elite Importers & Exporters

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Elite Importers & Exporters is a USA based company aiding the convenience stores in terms of trading goods. The company serves the needs of those convenience stores that are a part of gas stations.


Since the company was entering a highly populated industry, an extensive research about the competitors needed to be carried out to design a brand identity that is different from that of the other market players.


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High brainstorming sessions were conducted to understand the brand’s values and ideas. Also, various surveys were conducted to know about the concerns of convenience store owners. The tweakers concluded that the majority of the store owners complained about two issues. One was the complexity in the procedure and the other was the damage of goods in transit.


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As a result of pondering the concerns of the convenience store owners and displaying the same through minimal brand identity, a colossal amount of new orders from various parts of the United States of America were booked.

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