Realization by Humans

The Colossal Power of Realization

The majority of the youth today is intrigued by listening to various real-life experiences to find inspiration. People are affected by other’s experiences because they connect and relate with them significantly. I often think about what makes an experience so essential raising many questions in my mind about why do they connect with them so much?What is the main reason behind the stature of experience? What makes an experience different from a narration?

Experience plus innovation is realization.

On a broader aspect, progression is a 3-step process comprising of vision, experience, and realization. You plan to buy an expensive laptop to do your professional work — this is a vision. You now own a laptop — this is experience. You gain some benefits in your professional life or face some failures due to your work on that laptop —this is realization. So basically, all the experiences, that are without realizations are just a narration of a timeline. But when an experience amalgamates with the realization that's when the experience becomes fruitful.

Realization is more important than planning.

Whenever you listen to any speech by a successful person, it immediately makes you feel so motivated and pumped up by knowing their struggles and planning. This motivation leads to the planning stage of your struggle journey but 87% of the individuals fail in starting the journey because they get the impression from the experienced ones that one needs to plan big and plan for the future before starting the struggle.

We need to understand that you can’t plan everything about your life journey. In fact, you can’t plan anything. All those successful persons didn’t plan all their moves on their success paths. In reality, you take a step forward, experience it and do realization about the failure or success and then link your success or failure with that step you took and think about why that step was essential for this success or failure.So all the great and successful people today are not successful because they were able to plan about their future, instead, they are successful because they did realizations about their experiences and applied their realizations in their next step on the ladder of success.