Minimal Bars

How to find your identity through minimalism

Many a time one gets bombarded with self-questioning moments leading to piled up doubts about one's IDENTITY. Is it defined by the job title? Or is it totally based on passion?

It's almost impossible to define anyone's identity on the basis of passion. But, this is achievable through MINIMALISM. Yes, the art of essentialism. 

We often tend to remember what a person dislikes rather than his likings. Minimalism has taught us to discard the unwanted stress out of our lives. Due to that, we are only available to the most essential things or proceedings that we want to pay attention to. In a way, it has helped us find our "Niche-Life". The closer you get to this "Niche-Life",the closer you are to finding your true identity.

"Discard" your way to your identity.