Intent and Impact On Social Media

How Minimalism can improve your Social Media Strategy

With a constant increase in the usage of social media, the paramount focus of businesses has shifted to social media for marketing their products and building a strong relationship with their customers. The content over social media has taken the driver's seat in making a brand's social media campaign a success. People don't follow brands on social media because of their products or services, but because of the quality of their content. Content is the link between the brand and its customers which makes it essential to understand a consumer's needs and behavior.

Keep your audience content with your content.

But with a large audience, comes vast perspectives.The increased usage of social media by the users has expanded the perception spectrum as well. The intent with which you publish a piece of content on social media might not be perceived by a pool of audiences in the proposed intent which puts a different impact on the audience. The pieces of fake news material that are originated from social media are also a result of the vast gap between the intent and impact of the original piece of content. The best way to safeguard your intent from the misconceptions is minimalism. Before publishing content on social media, you must look out for a way to minimize the gap between the intent and impact of that piece of content. The more you stuff the text, image, elements in your content, more is the number of deductions people draw from it. This is where you can leverage minimalism in minimizing the gap between the intent and impact of your content. We at Minimal Tweaks have been using the same concept in successful social media marketing for our clients which have helped them a lot in building strong connections with their customers without any ambiguity in the intent of the content.

Unifying Intent & Impact can glorify your social media strategy